At right : the Iceman corpse as photographed by Bernard Heuvelmans in December 1968 (drawing by Alika Lindbergh)
This text has been published in Bigfoot Co-op, vol 19, August 1998.

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  In the sixties, the frozen cadaver of a hairy man was shown for years at fairs. It was photographed and observed by many scientists but never fully studied. Most commentators, even in the Bigfoot Community, believe it was a hoax. A few, with Bernard Heuvelmans, believe the "Iceman" was a nguoi-rung, a Vietnamese wildman killed during the Vietnam war. According to Heuvelmans, it was a Neanderthal man (Porshnev and Heuvelmans, "L'Homme de Neanderthal est toujours vivant", Plon, Paris, 1974).

In Saga (New York), July 1970, showman Frank Hansen claimed he had killed the Iceman in October 1960 in self-defense, while hunting in northern Minnesota. Nobody believed him for several good reasons. He had told many other sotries ; Bigfoot was not known in the Great Lakes area at that time ; the Iceman did not look like a classical Bigfoot ; Bigfeet were not known to eat deer ; and, above all, Hansen's description of "the belly of the game was open, its guts pulled out, and the "things" were scooping blood".

Today, Great Lakes Bigfeet and their particular nomadic habits are well known. Both eastern and western Bigfoot are known to kill deer, mainly before winter (it seems the first known case was observed in Montana in 1977 by Ernie Fritz, see "Cryptozoology", vol. 11, page 111). After 1992, Matt Moneymaker discovered they kill young deer, open their bellies, and eat only the liver (to an eyewitness, that would look like scooping blood). I found these data in the text "Deer kills and Bigfoot" available on the BFRR website, with some "eyewitnesses sketches of the Ohio Sasquatch" (by Moneymaker again) that look very like Iceman.


Jean Roche