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That can seem incredible... but is it more so than Bigfoot-like creature in Ohio, Florida, Australian Blue Mountains and several "classical" sighting areas ?



Great Brittain

In 17th Century, a man of the clan Murray is said to have captured a wild man in Craigiebarns Rocks. A chained wildman still appears in his family's heraldry (John Michell and Robert Rickard, Phenomena, Thames & Hudson, London, 1977).

The Fear Liath Mor or Big Grey Man has been often described until today. The most known area is the summit of Ben Mcdhui, and the Cairngorms (where one can see the last reindeer in UK). But sometimes elsewhere. The Black Mount, and even the islands of Skye and Canna are sometimes quoted (Goblin Universe, 1986 Llewellyn Publications, St Paul, Minnesota).

From thecryptocrew.com refering to The Daily Star back in 2004 :
Tom Robertson, who was 68 at the time, and better-known as a ghost-hunter in his community, was hunting for a possible "ghost" known as the Grey Man of Ben MacDhui. Ben MacDhui in Gaelic means "mountain of the black pig," and it’s the second highest peak in the Highlands.
Robertson and a friend were camped on the 4,296 ft. summit, when he claimed a yeti-type creature, nearly 12 feet in height, attacked their tent while they were sleeping.
Robertson said, "At about 1 AM, after we climbed into our sleeping bags. We heard the footsteps of something coming to the tent, and heard mumbling noises outside."
Only a short while later, their tent collapsed onto them.
"I looked up through the air vent in the roof and saw a large arm crashing down," Robertson said.
"The figure of what seemed like a yeti was standing over the tent, then all hell broke loose and it was trying to get on at us. I remember something landed on my foot. My toes are black... kind of bruised."
Robertson also claimed to have found 24 inch footprints in gravel at the site, but there are no photos to corroborate..

A serie of records took place in 1993 or 1994 in the area around Torphins, near Aberdeen. Three young men, who have asked to remain anonymous, were walking along a wide track through a forestry plantation. One of them saw a dark human-shaped figure run across the track, two hundred yards in front of them. He felt an immediate sense of terror and foreboding, but his friends saw nothing. They were teasing him anc accusing him of having made up the whole incident, when all three saw a face, that they afterwards described as "human... but not human", peering out at them from between the branches of the fir trees. One of them threw a stone in the general direction of this apparition, and the creature disappeared. These three youths had a second encounter with a similar creature a few weeks later. One of the three claimed later that a female friend of him, living in a secluded cottage, has twice seen a dark, hairy figure standing in the forest watching her cottage, before slinking away into the undergrowth (M. Fraser, "Strangeness in Scotland 2", in "Animal & Men" 9, April 1996).

But England too. From The Evening Post, 28 november 2002 :

If you go down to the woods today, you could be in for a VERY big surprise... An eight foot, hairy man-beast with red glowing eyes is said to be on the prowl. And if you spot the 'Sherwood Forest Thing', beast watcher Chris Mullins wants to hear from you. Chris, a carpenter who runs the Loughborough-based Beastwatch club, wants to research this local legend. He became aware of it when two men contacted an online mystery magazine to describe how they drove into Sherwood Forest to hunt the creature they had heard about in folklore. They say they saw a pair of red glowing eyes hovering eight feet from the forest floor. And as they quickly retreated, they claim it climbed into the trees. Chris is now appealing to Evening Post readers who might have glimpsed the hairy human-like creature to get in touch. Chris said : "While having some reservations myself, I believe it's feasible. Wildmen could still exist in our time. "Notts and Derbyshire are known for their underground caves and catacombs, explored and unexplored, and the woods could conceal a lot." Chris's club is dedicated to sightings of exotic animals and to cryptozoology - the study of hidden animals such as the Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster. Bigfoot, also known as the Sasquatch in America, is a bipedal ape believed to stalk the remote forests of the world. Anyone with information about sightings is asked to call Chris on 07957 917574 or email him at info@beastwatch.co.uk . Our man in the forest Post reporter Kevin Peachey made his own quest into the forest to find the shaggy savage. But Izi Banton, manager at Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, predicted our search would be fruitless. "I think its existence is highly unlikely. We have one eccentric who wanders around wearing part of a tree on his head, so they might have spotted him." But some American exchange students had their own theory. Lindsey Rogers, 17, of Pennsylvania, said : "Maybe he wanted to join Robin Hood's band of men." Denee Page, 18, said it might be a bad monster sent into the world like in MonstersInc. Mick Gamble, assistant head at Sherwood Hall School, Mansfield, said : "This has raised the excitement of these pupils' visit." Strange sightings of beasts on the prowl The 'Sherwood Forest Thing' is not the first case of an unexplained creature being reported on the loose in Notts. Old folk tales described how a ghost called 'The Boggan', a 'fearful hound', was seen in Laxton, and in the 1800s, a large black dog was said to appear in South Muskham. There was another sighting of a similar dog in 1915. In April 1994, a puma-like creature was seen chasing deer in Clumber Park. After various sightings, the appearance of what looked like a black panther frightened people in Sherwood Forest at Clipstone Pines the following July. But local forestry officials insisted that it could be the catlike 'muntjac deer'. As for ape-like figures, according to medieval history, a 'Wodehouse' was a wild man of the woods, covered in shaggy brown hair. Its variant, the English name of Woodhouse, is of local origin and is derived from the birthplace or dwelling of the original bearer. So names such as Mansfield Woodhouse may suggest that there were ancestors in the area who lurked deep in the forests... 





Details provided by Erik Knatterud (Norway) refering to various sources.

1970 ies. Humanlooking tracks were found in Odenwald.

1988 The Morbach Monster Have you ever heard of the Morbach Monster? I first learned of the legend while I was stationed at Hahn Air Force Base, Germany. Morbach was a munitions site just outside of the village of Wittlich. Supposedly Wittlich is the last town where a werewolf was killed. There is a shrine just outside of town where a candle always burns. Legend has it that if the candle ever goes out the werewolf will return. One night a group of security policemen were on the way to their post at Morbach, when they noticed that the candle was out at the shrine, and all joked about the monster. Later that night alarms were received from a fence-line sensor. When the security policemen investigated the call one of them saw a huge "dog-like" animal stand up on its back legs, look at him, and jump over the 7 1/2 foot chain-link fence. A military working dog was brought to the area where the creature was last seen, and the dog went nuts, not wanting anything to do with tracking the creature. This occured around 1988. (Anonymous) There have always been "ghost" stories dreamed up by bored security policemen, but this is one I have heard over and over again. Thought you might find it interesting. [Source: E-mail, dated October 6, 1997, to D. L. Ashliman from a respondent who wishes to remain anonymous.] Another eye-witness account reads as follows: "I was stationed at Hahn Air Base, Germany, from May 1986 to August 1989 as a security policeman, and it was my group that witnessed the Morbach Werewolf. The creature that we saw was definitely an animal and definitely dog or wolf like. It was about seven to eight feet tall, and it jumped a twelve-foot security fence after taking three long leaping steps." [D. L. Ashliman November 16, 1998.]





Many stories of hairy giants in this country, mainly in north, from Galicia to Catalonia, sometimes in south (Andalucia). José María Satrústegui, relates that about 1940, while crossing the Roncesvalles pass in Valcarlos y Ondarrola, on his way to Pays Basque, some shepherdsd spoke convincingly to him about the existence of Basajaun. One old farmer even confided to him that the Lord of the Wood had visited him at his country house in Aitzurre (José María Satrústegui, Mitos y Creencias, in Obras Completas, Pamplona, Spain, Euskaltzaindia, 1987).

Summer of 1968. A man riding a motorbike said that he had passed Hostalric (Barcelona), "an animal with a big body, hairy, bipedal, and long arms, that crossed the road with a weary appearance." Some days later there was another sighting Vilobí del Penedés (Barcelona). A group of boys claimed to have met a huge hairy being that was drinking from a pond (Horizonte, May-June 1969).

Early June of 1993. A group of speleologists prepared to spend the night at the ruins of a church near Collada de Vallgrasa (Catalan Pyrenees). They heard strange noises resembling those of an enraged cat. When they came close to the church's large doorway, the speleologists saw a frigntened, weird, shaggy creature, 1.5 meters (5 ft.) in height, flee from the building. The wild men appeared again in a wood betwenn Farga de Bebié and Ripoll (Gerona). There two "hairy beings" pounced on a pair of palaeontologists, who ran away from them (Año Cero, 40, November 1993).

The cases above, and many other, are compiled in : Sergio de la Rubia-Muñoz, Wild Men in Spain, The Info Journal, Winter 1995.






Many striking, recent, events in the heights near Ventimiglia.

A Swiss music producer, Jean Singgelos, is reported to have seen twice the creatures. The first was at Sealza, near the French border, in December 1996. By night, from a car drived by a musician of his friends, Bruno Cheli, he saw "a giant being, more than two meters in height, moving between trees. That looked a crossing between a man and a gorilla..." Singgelos' second sighting occured in September 1997. At 4:30 PM, he could not sleep and was outdoors. He saw three "strange beings"... (Il Giorno, 11/13/1997).

On May 7 of 1997, by night again, a student saw a nude hairy giant (2 meters) in the same area. On July 27 of 1997, sighting by a policeman. The hairy giant's neck is described as thick and short (Beppe Gualazzini, "L'uomo-gorilla di Voronoff ha preso corpo", Il Giornale, October 24 1997). These particular cases has been related by media to experimentations of animal transplants around 1930, by the Russian searcher Voronov. Such an explanation is even more impossible than an actual "yeti" in this area, but, maybe, without that, there would be no article about the subject.





Scandinavia (Sweden and Norway)

Both Ivan Sanderson (Abominable Snowman : legend come to life, Chilton, Philadelphia, 1961) and John Green (Sasquatch : the Apes among us, Hancock House, Seattle, 1978) claim modern sightings ins these countries, with no details. The "Snow walker video", obtained in 1995 by anonymous Belgian people, would be of Scandinavian origin, according to landscape, trees... but this video is dismissed as hoax by many.

The following has been collected by Jan-Ove Sundberg. I have a little cut down. This area is north of Stockholm just on the north side of 61 north, between the beautiful lake Siljan and coastal city Söderhamn. This is not farm land, but mostly gloomy pine forests, lakes and marshes in the Helsinge woods ares.

It all started in the summer of 1985, when Swedish radio channel P1 reported about strange growls in province of Helsingland.

Two elderly moose hunters described how they had been tracking something big and smelly and finally released their dogs to give chase. "The dogs came back with their tails between their legs and were terrified", said Karl Johansson from Bollnas.

It had started a couple of month earlier, when a woman who wants to remain anonymous went out to a recreation area at Voxna to clean their family cabin for the waiting summer. After a short while she suddenly heard what she described to me over the phone as "pretty heavy feet moving around outside". She sensed that this was not your ordinary intruder and actually hid under a bed. "I never saw the creature but when one hour had passed I got up and went outside and then found giant footprints in the garden and around the house", she told me.

She claims that these footprints measured 45 cm in length and was some 30 cm wide. There was plenty of them but she had no knowledge of making plaster casts and didn´t even consider that option, as the phenomenon of a Swedish Bigfoot never have come up before.

A couple of weeks later two teenage girls were skinny-dipping in a nearby pond when they suddenly heard someone or something moving about in the thick undergrowth on the shore. Teasing and calling the intruder a pervert who spied on nude girls they moved closer and closer towards the shore, planning to surprise or even catch the culprit. Instead something right out of a nightmare suddenly rose up in front of them. Tina, 15, told me : "It resambled an ape but it was uglier and very very large". Her friend Petra, 16, agreed and say´s that at the same time "a terrible stench" came from the creature, which growled at them pounding it´s chest.
Tina and Petra swam ashore a bit further down, ran through the woods without their clothes and didn´t stop until they were home, a couple of kilometers away. Petra´s father didn´t believe their story but admitted to me that something had given the girl´s a pretty bad scare. "I thought it must have been a bear", he said on the phone. "There is bear in the area and if this one had a cub on the side it could´ve seen the girl´s as a potential threat".
The girls themselves, badly whipped by lashing branches, during their hysterical run through the woods, told me they did not see a bear but something far more frightning. "It was like a monster out of a movie and it walked upright on two legs", Tina told me. "Even if it was ugly it more resambled a man than an animal".

The area of a possible Swedish bigfoot is extremely inaccessible, even dangerous except for the part where the cabins are located, with many small lakes and swamps. It´s located just south of Bollnas and cutting right through it is famous Hälsingeleden (EK: the Helsinge trail), a walking path over both lower and higher ground, surrounded by low mountains.

Mrs. Gustavsson and her husband not only saw the Swedish Bigfoot but also heard it several times and even claim they found its droppings. People unfortunately don´t react to this as a cryptozoologist would and consequently they didn´t collect the evidence or take a photo. "It came quite close to our cabin and would kind of howl in the moonlight with a voice that reminded us of a human with a bass, very very deep. We saw it more like a silhuotte against the sky and it never came so close so we could identify it properly", Mrs. Gustavsson told me. "It was huge,powerful and gave the impression of being primitive but also intelligent".

 She claims it had a whistling sound and at times they would hear what was either an echo or another bigfoot, answering the call. When Mr. Gustavsson investigated the area in daylight he found the new classical, large footprints and also fresh droppings.

 "Its droppings reminded me of human excrement and first I thought that it was but they were left in such places a human never would go and I always found it in the area where we had seen this creature", said Mr. Gustavsson.

 The Swedish Bigfoot seems to have stayed in the area for about five years.





The Vedi has been sighted at least until the middle of 20th Century in the Bilo Gora area (near the Hungarian border) : see Vladimir Markotic and Grover Krantz, The Sasquatch and other unknown Hominids, Western Publisher, Calgary, 1984.

A case in 1870 : During the cold winter, two brothers slept together in a warm stable. In the middle of one night, one brother awoke whenb ge felt as if there was someone between the two of them. When he touched it, it felt hairy and warm, and at first he thought it was their dog. Then slightly bruszhing against a breast made him realize that it was female. Suddenly frightened, he called his brother. The hairy female quickly mde for the door and the two brothers followed her çout into the courtyard. She was quicker than they were, however, and jumped over the fence to the garden and on into the woods.
The deep snow forced the brothers to give up their chase, but they saw the woman quite clearly in the moonlight. It was a wudewasa, one of the hairy beings "somewhat lower than humans" who lived in the woods. Later, when they told their father about the incident, he expressed little surprise. It was common for them to warm themselves beside humans during cold winters, he explained.
The short-statured wudewasa wore no clothes, as they were covered with long, thick air. They had short hair on their heads and fringe beards under their chin. Their naked faces showed a prominent brow ridge, a large nose, full and wide mouth, and deep-set eyes. They had short legs and long arms, but their hands and feet were clearly hominid. Though generally timid, they sometime ventured into human territory when either cold or hungry [from Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe, The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide, Avon Books, 1999].






The following has been transmitted by Aleksandar Sasha Trivich, a Yugoslav student.

Vojvodina Sreta Spasovic, an accountant, and Dejan Radulov, a warehouse attendant, from Novi Sad, describe what they have experienced during the winter of 1996, while they were waking around the Fruska gora. Sreta, goes for a walk around the Fruska gora, according to his doctor’s advice and because of the nature of his work, and Dejan, his friend from childhood makes him company. They have been on all known paths in the Fruska gora, and very often they have been out of those paths as they were exploring the beautiful nature of this mountain. Till Saturday, February 15th this year, the monasteries had the greatest impression on them, and they were very often the aim of their walk. But, on that Saturday, they saw something they would never forget – they saw the most unbelieavable creature they thought existed in American movies only and in sensational documents. “I WILL REMEMBER IT TILL I LIVE” They saw nothing less but the wild man.

Sreta tells what happened that day: “The same as every Saturday, Dejan and I went for a walk to the mountain Fruska gora. We stopped by in Sremski Karlovci, at Dejan’s mother-in-law’s, we had a cup of coffee and headed towards Zmajevac. It was very cold and gloomy morning, and it seemed that it would start snowing any minute. Dejan’s mother-in-law poured us boiled wine in a thermos, and it was very useful for us while we were climbing towards Zmajevac in that cold. We planned to go to Brankovac after we had reached Zmajevac, and then to Glavica. When we reached Zmajevac, we sat for a while, we had some rest and refreshed ourselves, and we agreed not to go to Brankovac along the mountain path, but to go through the untouched nature. After five days of sitting at the computer and writing invoices, receipts and other documents, there is no better way to relax but to go into the wilderness, far away from any civilization and everyday life” – says Sreta and continues: “We went off the path and headed through the thick wood towards Brankovac. I always carry a compass, so it was easy for me to orient myself, and I have a great help from the military topographic maps of the mountain Fruska gora I had accidentally found a few years ago on the flea market in Novi Sad.
The wood was very thick, so Dejan and I had difficulties to get through and very soon we sat down to have a rest. May Dejan’s mother-in-law be blessed, I thought to myself while I was opening the thermos with boiled wine. While we were having a rest and sipping that wine, we suddenly heard loud breaking of the branches coming from Brankovac. I was happy because I thought it might have been a deer or roe-deer which I had rarely seen during the last years on the Fruska gora. I hurried Dejan and we went towards the place from which the noise was coming. The wood was thicker and thicker and I was about to drop the search, when I heard the crackling of the branches again, this time it was much closer than earlier. We ran towards the noise and soon we were on a small clearing. What I saw at that moment I would remember till I live! Instead of a deer or a roe-deer on the clearing, a big manlike creature, almost three meters tall, awaited us. It was completely covered with thick, dark brown hair, and its hands were disproportionately big compared to his body and they reached almost down to his calves. It was hunch-backed, broad-shouldered and with a strong, short neck with a big head that resembled the head of a chimpanzee or an orangutan, but it was much wider and bigger. It had nothing but the strong, thick hairs on its body, but I did not manage to see whether it was a male or female. I could hardly resist screaming from fear, and when I looked at Dejan, I saw that he was pale with fear and that he was staring in the creature that stood on less than 50 metres away from us. We stood that way and stared at it for the whole eternity, when the creature suddenly noticed us. At seeing us, it screamed in a way that reminded me of the sound of a bear. I was frozen with fear thinking that it would attack us. But, on my surprise, the creature hurried to the edge of the clearing, and it disappeared into the woods at incredible speed. It is almost improbable that such a big creature is capable of moving so fast and in such an agile way. When we recovered from the first shock, I suggested Dejan that we should follow it to find out some more details about it, but Dejan would not even hear for it. Understandably, he was afraid that the creature might attack us, and deep in the woods there was no help. I was persistent, and in the end, Dejan accepted to follow this unusual and unbelievable creature, though, unwillingly. I was frightened of course, but my curiosity was stronger than any fear. We headed towards the place from which the creature went into the woods, and we saw the trails there. They were clear, and it was visible that this creature had a thumb and four toes on his foot. I was definitely convinced that it was a manlike creature, not a wild animal as it might have seemed to us because of our fear.
We continued through the woods, we followed the trails, and now and then we heard crackling of the branches in front of us. Every time the noise was quieter and quieter, so we concluded that it was running away from us. We felt relief when we realized that it was scared of us the same as we were of him, but anyway it was useful to be cautious. At one moment we did not hear any noises, but we could still follow the trails. I was looking at my compass and I saw that the creature was constantly moving towards north-east. After a few kilometres there were no trails. We searched the district thoroughly looking for the trails, but we found nothing. It seemed as if the creature had disappeared in the ground, or as if it had got wings and flew away. We were so confused that we spent next few hours thoroughly searching the area, hoping to find its den, or at least a trail that could lead us further. But all our efforts were in vain. We could not find a trail or a hint that there was its den or hiding place” – testifies Sreta.
While Sreta was talking, Dejan was mostly silent and he was nodding his head in a significant way, confirming every detail of Sreta’s story. Dejan continued the story: “It was already getting dark, and we had no other choice but to stop the search and to start walking back towards Sremski Karlovci. Since my hobby is photography, I always carry a camera with me when we go for a walk around the Fruska gora. I am particularly proud of the series of photos of the monasteries on the Fruska gora, and I was hoping I would have another opportunity to take a photo of this creature. Unfortunately there was not an opportunity, so I had to be satisfied with the photo of his trails in the snow. The largeness of his foot can be seen if you compare it with Sreta’s shoe next to the imprint of the foot of this creature. When I used up the whole film, we walked back towards Sremski Karlovci, quite hungry and frozen.
We decided to get back to this part the next day and to try to trail this unusual creature. That is what we did, so we spent the whole next day wandering around the woods between Zmajevac and Jastrebac, but we had not seen either the creature or its trails. We were coming back to the same place during the next few weekends, but our search had no results. Maybe it is better that way, since I had the impression that this creature was not aggressive at all, and that it had only wanted to be left alone. Sreta and I have definitely given up the search after the “wild man” from Vojvodina, as my wife calls it, after two months’ time, but still as we are walking through the woods of the Fruska gora, we react to every noise hoping to see this scary, but, as it seems to me, benevolent wild being” – concludes Dejan his testimony.

Montenegro The books name is ''Taj Drugi Svijet'' (English:''That Other World'') and was writen by a folklorist Mr. Vujica Ognjenovic. While traveling in remote parts of Montenegro collecting stories and beliefs from the local people he came across a man who had actualy claimed to have seen hairy human-like creature many years ago in the near by mountains. The mans name was Bozo Radovic who was a peasant and a sheep watcher. Radovic told how many years ago he had been gadering fire wood on one cold winter morning on the Mratinjski Hills near the village Babici in the western part of Montenegro. While he was doing so he have noticed huge tracks wich remainded him of human footprints but were much wider then them. He was imidiatly stuned by the tought how could someone walk around barefoot in such a hursh winter coldnes. He decided to follow the footprints and so after about 15min of walking he stopped before a cave in wich the tracks entered. When he steped inside he was paralised for there was a large and muscular man-like beast with long arms and coverd by long hair standing in the middle of a cave. Radovic was so shocked that he started ckoucking and calfing making very loud noice infact such a loud noice that the strange creature jumped and hurled out of the cave climbing the stones nearby and was soon out of site. This fast movement of the beast sent chills down the spine, said Radovic in order to describe how scarry he felt. He could not believe how can anyone move so quickly and climb the uphill like a wild-sheep. Radovic never saw the creature again and there were no other reports in that or the other regions in Yugoslavia.




Chartreuse (mountain area near Grenoble), 1976, a Belgian tourist has this to say :
I only have my word. But this story is true ! We were 6, with my brother. We left Bruxelles by car to go near Dent de Crolles which is near Grenoble, France. At this time i practiced cave exploring and mountain climbing. It was the month of April during Easter vacation. We went as high as possible by car. Then we continued by foot until we made it to the refuge. Since it was early in the season there was still plenty of snow, and we were the only ones there. We brought wood with us to make a camp fire next to the refuge. After a short walk we went to bed.
The door did not close correctly so we blocked it shut with our shoes. The weather was calm. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, teh door flew open, throwing our shoes accros the room. From my sleeping bag, I found myself less than two meters from a fantastic being. He stood in the doorway. Covered whith long hair on all his body. I estimated his height at about two meters. I could see him clearly thanks to the campfire near the door. My friends saw him as well, and screamed with fear. Apparently frightened, the ape-man escaped in silence. I did not note any particular odor.
We closed the door with fear, then went back to sleep. The next morning we were still so shocked taht we didn't even look for tracks in the snow. We packed up and left. I didn't know, at this time, that wildmen have already been sighted in the Alps. Now, after seeing your site, I'm certain that I have seen the equivalent of a Yeti.

Cantal (Cantal-Le Méridional, March 5 1952) : A mysterious animal haunts a village in Cantal department
Some residents of the village of Tournac (Cantal), in the county of Mauriac, who were driving at night, saw several times a hairy and blackish animal, rather big, that stood upright. Large prints were found.
It's supposed that it could be a brown bear that would wander only at night to look for food. It would live in the wild area from Lafferière to Lavergne (Cantal). A battue is scheduled.




From Eddie Wrenn, article with video is (or were...) here (Mailonline).

A terrified teenage student has told how a 'Yeti' spied on her in her bikini as she took a dip in a stream during a camping trip. Footage has surfaced apparently showing one of the beasts stalking Justyna Folger, 19, as she holidayed with boyfriend Tadeusz Serafinowski in Tatra mountains. While Justyna paddles, Tadeusz's camera appears to pick out a shadowy hulk creeping through the undergrowth on the other side of the river bank. 'I wandered into the river for a dip when I realised that something was on the opposite shore,' Justyna told Poland's Super Express newspaper.
"The Yeti stared at a female bather, but is this animal curiosity or just a lustful man with a sneaky - if not exactly discreet - disguise?"
The Yeti stared at a female bather, but is this animal curiosity or just a lustful man with a sneaky - if not exactly discreet - disguise?"The shadowy 'Yeti' makes his escape behind the rocks" At first I thought it was a bear but it appeared to be stooping and then it raised itself on to two legs and ran off. I couldn't believe it,' she added.
Now mountain rangers are on alert and hunting for the mysterious beast. National Park Guards Commander Edward Wlazlo said: 'We are investigating the matter. If there is something out there we will find it'.