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  •  Iceman color slides taken and still detained by Bernard Heuvelmans are far more impressive, convincing and conclusive, than the Patterson-Gimlin film, according to the happy few who saw them...

  • Hansen's behaviour seems inconsistent and odd. For instance, he has refused a 1000.000 dollars offer for Iceman, although the cadaver authenticity was not required. In fact, he was, rightly, appaled by the threaten of a criminal prosecution. He needed a warrant against such prosecution to let Science study the corpse. Needless to suppose (as Heuvelmans does) a dishonest activity linked to Iceman to explain Hansen's fear.

  • Hansen once ordered a very expensive copy of the cadaver in California. The purpose was to show it instead of the real corpse, to mislead eventual police inquiries. But it was not at all convincing, and he decided to exhibit the real one.

  • Hansen often refers to a mysterious "owner". By me, this person is probably a lawyer.

  • According to some sources, Hansen is no more in possession of the corpse, that would be presently somewhere in California.

  • Since the publication in Bigfoot Co-op, I have discovered several cases of animal mutilations that are obviously bigfoot-linked. A very well documented case, implying a calf, studied and photographed by Mary Green, occured in February of 1998 in Tennessee (see GCBRO website). Another interesting instance is related by Robert Hutchison, and implied a yeti (exactly, a chuti, the great variety) and a nack (female yack), in July of 1974, in Mt Everest area (Nepal). See Robert Hutchison, In the tracks of the Yeti, McDonald & co, London, 1989.

  • There is a little difference between Hansen's description of extracted guts and Moneymaker's (and others') one. Only in Hansen's report guts are scatterred. Elsewhere, they are piled. Possible explanation : the "things" had just had a quarrel or a lot fun.

  • "Only the liver" is not always exact. For example, according to both Moneymaker's and Hutchison's data, the long bones marrow is consumed too. Moneymaker's convincing explanations about liver are also relevant for marrow.

  • The "mutilation" is not the only element that seemed unlikely at the time, and has been described by other witnesses. Iceman's attacking (threatening ?) posture, with both hands above the head, was claimed in two cases at my knowledge. One in Pennsylvania in 1974 (see Western Bigfoot Society website). One in New Jersey in 1979 (see In both cases, as in Iceman story, witnesses told they have fired to defend themselves.