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Scott White is an American, and a member of the International Bigfoot Society, who lives in France. He allowed me to publish here his interviews of witnesses, and his own sighting. Thanks to him.

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1999. Interviewed by Scott E. White Mike is a nephew of one of my best friends, from Salem, Oregon. I have interviewed Mike by phone from France, and found him to be an honest and sincere person. Mike wishes his last name to remain anonymous, as his father refuses to talk about what had happened the night of their encounter and would not like his son to either. Mike believes his fathers reason for not wanting to talk about it, is partly because he was terrified that night and otherwise has a reputation for being very courageous.

The encounter took place in the spring of 1997, in the Cascade mountains, near Gates, Oregon. Mike was seventeen years old when he and his father went up to hunt bear with their nine bear dogs, equipped with radio collars. They tracked a bear for most of the day, but did not get their trophy. As it was becoming dark they decided to round up their dogs and head back to the truck, which was about two miles away. When they approached the place where their dogs were, the dogs began to "freak out" and run right past them in the direction of their truck. Mike and his father found that to be odd because their dogs were never afraid of anything. They then heard, what Mike described as a very powerful, woman-like scream. Mike asked if that was a cougar but his father claimed that, that was no cougar. The screams started up again, five or six times, followed by something charging up through the brush at them. The two hunters were terrified and took off running as fast as they could, down the overgrown skid trail, in the direction of their truck. The thing followed them, charging three times, while crashing through the brush and making a lot of noise. The father fired two rounds into the air and then they both continued to run as fast as they could. Just as they were running out of breath and slowing down, the thing came charging from in front of them, which Mike said was weird, as he didnít see how it could have gotten in front of them like that (Possibly a second creature). Mike then smelled what he described to be a pungent, lemony smell, like an overpowering, wet-dog smell. Terrified and worn out, the two hunters made it back to the truck and found their dogs whining and whimpering under the truck. They got the dogs in the truck as fast as they could and got out of there. They never did see what had spooked them so badly, as it was dark at the time and there was a lot of brush between them, but they later concluded that it could be nothing other than a Bigfoot.

Scott White