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Scott White is an American, and a member of the International Bigfoot Society, who lives in France. He allowed me to publish here his interviews of witnesses, and his own sighting. Thanks to him.

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April 27, 1994 Interviewed by Scott E. White, Barb had kept what had taken place between herself, her husband and a few friends until one of those friends told her about my work with bigfoot, at which time we met and had a long lunch together, she, myself and my trusty note book. She was obviously an intelligent and honest woman who had nothing to gain by telling me about it other than someone to share her experience with, that won’t think she’s nuts. She wishes her full name to remain anonymous, if I should choose to publish her account. Barbara Johnson worked in Salem, Oregon, at the time of the interview.

Barb said that about 18 years ago (year 1976) she had some bigfoot that frequently visited her property in Sheridan, Oregon. Barbs property was very isolated from other houses and bordering forested slopes. Her first encounter was in the late evening when ironing next to a second story window, the first story is mostly sunken in the ground. Her husband was working out of town, so she was alone in the house for the night. While ironing cloths, a giant hairy face suddenly appeared right next to the window, it looked right at her for a small moment then left, leaving Barb petrified. Barb spent the rest of the night awake and scared in her room. The next day Barb started to put two and two together as there had been a series of curious occurrences there for some time. One been the loaves of bread that she would put out to cool. Occasionally when she did this in the evening, half would come up missing. If she were to put out two loaves, then one would be gone, and if she put out only one then it would be torn in half and half left behind. A few times there would be a little natural item in place of what was taken like a stick, a small rock, or a few leaves on its stem. Barb decided to keep this between herself and her husband and to become much more observant in the future. Her husband, who found the situation very amusing right up to the moment that she showed him. By turning out all the lights and letting the eyes adjust to the dark, Barb was able to observe the open area of her property. During the next few years Barb and her husband observed them occasionally, particularly Barb as she was more often present in the evenings. She would see them picking apples from the orchards, crossing the property, sometimes they would just sit out there and the younger ones would "rough house". Normally there would only be one or two but they have seen as many as five at one given time. They would often communicate amongst themselves by using simple hand signals combined with grunts, hoots and other noises, and also facial expressions. Barb described them as being more like large hairy people than apes or monsters, she said that they did have a slightly ape like face though. Their hair was of various shades of light brown to black that covered most of their bodies excepting their hands and face. They did not seem to be using any articulate language though. Barb had become fascinated by them, and was no longer afraid, she would even put out food for them which they accepted and they continued to offer their occasional rocks and leaves in return. She was not afraid to sit right out there on the porch with the lights out and watch them doing their thing.

Barb and her husband eventually decided to report this, which they did to the police. Some special investigators came to her home with a lot of questions and few answers about exactly who they were. They were friendly and very professional and Barb trusted them and cooperated with them fully. They had confiscated the few photos they had, taken from a distance, which didn’t matter as they didn’t show much anyway. These men told her not to talk about it with anyone because it would create a panic and people would try to hurt them. Their only personal information was that they had been studying these Big Feet from Texas to Alaska for some time now. These men investigated the area for about six months, unarmed and there were four to five of them at a time. They left the area near the end of November, and returned again the following March. She would see these guys in town now and then for the following few years, up until a house fire forced them to move.

Scott White